Amalfi, Italy: Da Gemma

After being in Amalfi for three days, we were beginning to crave for something other than pasta and pizza. But seeing how this is a small seaside town, our choices were either Italian, or Italian. Don’t get me wrong, the food here was amazing. But our taste buds were yearning for something different.

Regardless of what we craved, we still needed to eat. Strolling down the cobblestone streets on our last night, we stumbled upon this restaurant, Da Gemma, in a narrow alley off the main road. We felt a warm coziness about the space, similar to being in someone’s living room, with a beautiful terrace. We decided to take a chance.

Traditional Italian food is rustic and hearty. Da Gemma interprets Italian cuisine with a modern touch in presentation, while maintaining a comfort appeal in flavor.

The menu offers a good mix of land and sea, with robust sauce-drenched house made pastas, just in case you’re not tired of eating carbs.


It wasn’t until we left that we realized this restaurant was Michelin recommended. Quite the pleasant surprise.

At the time of our visit
Michelin: Recommended
Cuisine: Italian
Via Fra’ Gerardo Sasso 11, 84011, Amalfi, Italy
+39 089 871345

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