Bovec, Slovenia: White Water Rafting

Slovenia is blessed with beautiful snowcapped mountains and crystal clear rivers running down from the Alps.

rafting 5

To fully appreciate such pristine resources, one activity that any first time visitor must do is white water rafting. The most popular river is the Soca, with its water as green as emeralds.

We booked a half day excursion, as going full day would render us limp and useless afterward. Upon arriving at the meeting point, the friendly guide drove us down to the riverside. This is were we geared up and propelled through some basic rafting techniques.

Once in the river, the adrenaline started to kick in. We encountered plenty of turbulent rapids, enough to keep our hearts pumping. Luckily, there were some much needed intermittent calm waters to sooth our aching muscles. During one stretch of the river, all of us jumped off the raft and drifted along like floating leaves. The instructor stayed onboard, of course.

rafting 6

At the end of the journey, we were escorted back to the original meeting point. We parted with some beautifully taken photos as gifts. Should we make another visit to Slovenia again, we’ll absolutely take another ride down the river.

At the time of visit
Price: around 50 USD per person
Duration: half day

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