Osaka, Japan: Fujiya 1935

Fujiya 1935, as the name implies, had its humble beginnings back in 1935 as a simple udon restaurant. It had changed concepts through the years. Fast forward to present time, this place now serves Japanese kaiseki with a modern approach.

Upon entry, we were greeted in a quiet zen-like room, where the host served us each a glass of fermented water. I’m pretty sure this was no ordinary fermented water. It probably had its molecules realigned with the Earth’s magnetic field, but we didn’t bother to ask. Having drunk the presumably electrically charged liquid, our mind and body was tuned for the dinner ahead.

fujiya 1

The progressive meal featured seasonal ingredients at the peak of freshness. Being that it was spring, the theme revolved around growth, youth, and greenness. And of course, a meal would not be complete without a piece of literature to accompany the experience.

The presentation of each dish was beautiful, and thoughtfully conceptualized. As noted by the color tones, the plating emphasized the changing of seasons, as winter gives way to new leaves and flowers.

The majority of the meal was vegetable-centric. Which meant we relied heavily on bread to fill our appetites. Luckily, a fork-sized twirl of pasta arrived, easing our empty stomach with much need calories.

When it came time for the entrée, the choices offered were the usual suspects. We had the cube of fish and the sliver of beef.

A few selection of desserts came after the mains. But honestly, we were hoping that they would have snuck a piece of chicken inside that profiterole. The modest amount of protein left us feeling a bit inadequate. Nonetheless, we managed to put up a smile in front of the camera.

Looking back, it was more worthwhile to dine for lunch as the items were nearly identical for about half the price of dinner.

At the time of visit
Michelin: 2 stars
Cuisine: Kaiseki
Cost per head: 18,000 Yen (161 USD), dinner, no alcohol

2-4-14 Yariyamachi, Chuo-ku, Chuo, Osaka 540-0027, Osaka Prefecture
+81 6-6941-2483

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