Hi it’s Jun and Priscilla,

Thank you visiting. Feel free to browse around. We are, by no means, food critics. We simply love to eat and treasure what the culinary world has to offer. The aim of our site is to introduce, and hopefully, inspire you to new restaurants, hotels, and destinations around the world. By sharing with you our dining and traveling experiences, we hope that you too may create your own memorable adventures.

As for our daytime jobs, we are co-founders, executive chef, and the R&D team of Brut Eatery in China. We are currently living in Shanghai. Back in 2017, The two of us, along with another partner, Nicole Teng, started what was then called Brut Cake Café. It was a humble neighborhood restaurant, serving light meals, brunch, and specialty coffee. After operating for a year, we were acquired by one of the largest F&B group in China. The name changed to Brut Eatery to reflect a larger menu with beer, wine, and cocktails. Yep, it’s now a full-fledged restaurant, with 7 locations currently around Shanghai.

Media Involvement
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  • Curiosity Got the Chef – Food & Travel TV Show – Chef Sharwin traveled to Hong Kong, and we were his guide to finding fresh local seafood.
  • 遇上 行走的柠檬 – Food & Travel Show – We were hosts to a 3-episode travel show about lemons. We traveled to 5 countries in 3 continents to explore the origin, agriculture, and use of different varieties of lemons. The show was aired on CCTV, and received over xx of views on v.qq.com
  • 二更 – WeChat Official Account – A short video showcasing our humble restaurant beginnings.
  • agnès b. – Fashion Brand – A commercial collaboration with renowned French designer brand agnès b.
  • 日日煮 – MCN – A video commercial for Day Day Cook, an MCN based in Hong Kong, and rapidly developing in Mainland China, including WeChat, Weibo, and physical cooking studios.

Media Exposure

  • Inquirer – Newspaper – An article written about Jun winning the cooking competition “Amazing Food Challenge”.
  • SCMP – Newspaper – An article Jun contributed to finding the best local eats in Hong Kong.
  • Shanghai WOW – MCN – An article on Wechat featuring Priscilla as one of the top women pioneering the F&B industry in Shanghai.
  • Bo Shanghai – Michelin restaurant – An article Priscilla contributed to defining the concept of 1 Michelin star restaurant Bo Shanghai.
  • 日日煮 – MCN – A short video about Brut Eatery.
  • 日日煮 – MCN – An article about our food and concept at Brut Eatery.
  • Shanghai WOW – MCN – An article featuring Priscilla about Hong Kong entrepreneurs in Shanghai.
  • 美国Sriracha是拉差 – Chili Sauce – An article written by Jun, featuring Sriracha as an ingredient.
  • Urban Family Shanghai – Magazine – A recipe written by Jun.
  • The Strait Times – Newspaper – A video with Priscilla about the current coffee trend in Shanghai.

Projects / Talks / Other Roles

  • Sadia – Chilled & Frozen Products Brand – A recipe designed for the client with their signature product, as online content writers.
  • Haagen Dazs – Ice-cream Brand – Priscilla assisted in gathering appropriate participants for the international ice-cream brand’s one-on-one interviews, as well as their internal panel workshops, held in Shanghai. She was also the facilitator for one the discussions. Jun was a major participant in the panel discussion.
  • Gloria Hotels – Hotel Groups – Priscilla was a freelance writer.
  • City Weekend – Magazine – Priscilla was a freelance food writer.
  • Time Out – Magazine – Priscilla was one of the 6 panelists and a presenter of Time Out Shanghai Food Awards 2017, also their first Food Awards.
  • Ele.me – Delivery Platform – Brut Eatery was evaluated as the most environmentally friendly brand by Ele.me, one of the 2 major players in China’s delivery market. Priscilla was a speaker and a participant of their forum.

Contact us for any questions or inquiries at homemadeinhk@gmail.com